Homebuyers have many options available to them. With the variety of home designs and floor plans, there is practically a home for every person. Even if you cannot find your dream house, home builders are eager to help you create a custom layout. Unfortunately, customizing a site built home can become costly. In today’s high housing market, many buyers discover that it is difficult to afford a used home, let alone a new construction home. Yet, the ideal of moving into a new brand home is appealing. If this is your aim, consider modular homes in Maine. Like most states, Maine has experienced a sudden increase in home values. With a modular home, you can find quality and affordable homes. Modular homes in Maine come in a variety of styles. Traditional mobile homes are typically single or double wide, and the exterior of the property is the same. Modular homes are different. There are rancher modular homes, which is a one level home. There are also two-story modular homes. If looking for a unique style, consider a split-level modular, or a Cape Cod style home. Before choosing a style, it helps to contact several different dealers or builders and browse their catalog. Because each dealer is different, they may have different style homes. Some dealers also offer a service in which buyers can create their own unique modular home. In the past five years, modular homes in Maine have become popular. The stigma surrounding modular homes has disappeared, and these homes are no longer grouped with mobile homes and trailers. In fact, modular homes are allowed in communities within the city limit. Before, some cities did not permit the construction of a modular home within the city. Rather, homes were construction in outlying areas. Modular homes in Maine are built with quality materials; and meet all local and state building codes. Thus, you do not have to worry about your home tumbling down in inclement weather. Modular homes in Maine are different from site built homes in one major way. Rather, than constructing the property at its permanent location, builder construct modular homes within a climate controlled environment. Inside the warehouse, the home is free from snow, rain, and other outdoor elements that could slow down the construction time. This way, individuals who buy a modular home are able to move into the property as scheduled. This also benefits the builder because future projects can remain on schedule. Modular home builders and dealers are located throughout the country. If you cannot find a dealer in your area, choose a dealer from another region. Most modular dealers ship the homes nationwide. Upon completion of the modular in their factory or warehouse, the home is shipped to your location. At this time, construction is completed. The modular is attached to the foundation, and connected to the plumbing, electricity, and sewer line. The entire construction time should take no more than 12 weeks. Smaller modular homes in Maine can be completed in less time – perhaps 4 to 8 weeks.