Modular homes in MA are able to supply homeowners with a number of benefits, as compared to homes built on site in MA.  The main benefits to consider are the amount of time and money that will be saved by purchasing a modular home in MA.  These homes take much less time to build as compared to on site built homes, and because it takes less time to build the home, the cost of building is also less.  But there are many more benefits to consider.  The set standards of manufactured homes are of much better quality because they need to meet specific standards before they are released from the factory.  There is also the advantage of the ease of the purchase when it comes to deciding on the customization.  There are fewer people that the homeowner needs to take to about their home because it is built up to 95% in the factory itself.  This is very easy and comfortable for the homeowner.But what does this trend mean for future homeowners in MA and other parts of the country?   The most obvious answer is that in the future when people buy homes that are modular homes in MA, they will save money on their energy and utility bills because of the high standards to which these modular homes are built.  This also means that because of the growing reliance on modular homes, their value is also liable to increase.  This means that homeowners that purchase modular homes in ma now, will likely be able to re-sell them for more later.  While modular homes in ma increase, the benefits and advantages for homeowners increase as well, for the present day and likely in the future as well.  The trends of modular or manufactured homes will likely increase as people discover these benefits and see the advantages they will supply to the homeowner.