NoneThere are several manufacturers of modular homes in Iowa.  Because of this you have a lot of options to choose from when you are ready to buy your own modular home.  However, before you start looking for a new home, you will want to make sure that you know what you are getting, and what you should expect from your dealer.The first thing that you will want to learn about modular homes in Iowa is where they can be set up.  Because modular homes are not like traditional site built homes and they are not exactly like manufactured homes, you may need to request special permission from your community board to build one on your lot.  If there isn’t a community covenant all ready in place then you will need to talk to your city’s building commissioner before you order your home.  If you fail to learn if you are allowed to build a modular home on your lot, you may be forced to remove the home from the lot after it has been set up, as well as pay a fine.The next thing that you will want to learn about modular homes in Iowa are what options you have available to you that are within your budget.  To find this out you will need to conduct some research.  Talk to sales reps at all of the modular home dealers in your area.  Ask for brochures and financing options that each dealer carries.  You can then use this information to find the home design and features that you like the best.In addition to learning about modular homes in Iowa, you will also need to learn about what financing options are available for modular homes.  Manufactured homes tend to be more difficult to finance than traditional homes, but a modular home may be seen more as a traditional home then a manufactured home.  If your regular banker won’t finance your modular home then you may need to go to a mortgage broker or find a lender that specializes in manufactured home loans.  If you already own the land that you will be putting your home on then you may be approved faster then if you have to finance the land and the home together.The last thing that you need to consider when buying a modular home is what its layout will be.  You will want to select a floorplan that provides you with enough bedrooms and bathrooms to meet your basic needs, as well as a floorplan that includes the extra items that will make your life easier.  For example you may want a jetted tub in the master bathroom, or you may want a model that offers two master suites, one on each end of the home.  The important thing to remember is that when you start adding optional items and upgrading your home, the price will also be increasing.  If you don’t keep this in mind while you are telling the sales rep what you want you may create a monster of a house that is far beyond the reaches of your budget.