There are probably modular homes for sale near you, whether you live in a large city or a small town.  Modular homes are the latest inexpensive way to provide housing to the masses.  Modular homes are more economical than traditional homes for many reasons.Modular homes for sale offer new or existing home owners an opportunity to save both time and money.  Unlike traditional homes, modular homes can be built quicker and cheaper.  This is because the components of the modular home is built inside a factory.  The builders know what material they will need and can buy them in bulk.  That saves them money and in turn, saves the future homeowners money as well.  Modular homes for sale can be completed in as little as eight weeks after the order is place.  Once the house is delivered, there are still a few things that need to be done, but the homeowners may be able to move in as little as month after the house is delivered.The fact that modular homes for sale are quicker and cheaper to complete than traditional homes concerns many potential home buyers.  But, modular homes are built with high quality materials.  Each step of the building process is inspected and each home must meet high standards.  The craftsmen who work on the modular home work on many, so their skills are honed and perfected from years of experience.In addition to saving money on the modular home itself, you can save money by being your own general contractor.  This is easy to do because once the home is set on the foundation, it is almost 100% complete, so it is easy to oversee what it takes to complete it yourself. However, if you are not comfortable doing this, you will need to hire a general contractor.NoneNone