NoneSome people are under the misconception that modular homes — or anything that comes out of the manufacturing housing sector — are of poor quality. That simply is not true. Today’s modular homes have to fall under the same state and local building codes of stick built homes. They are also subject to the same zoning regulations as site built homes. You may be surprised to learn that many modular homes are built stronger than site built homes. One reason is due to the fact that these homes have to go on the road to their destination. These homes have to be sturdy to survive the trip. Many site built homes could not withstand the trip!Modular homes are built using the latest strides in technology. If you have a picture of a home you would like to live in, modular homes builders can design one to meet the specs. Many people are unable to tell the difference between modular homes and site built homes. The manufacturing industry produces modular homes that are a far cry from the doublewide trailers that many people envision when they hear the term “manufactured homes.â€ Modular homes come in many shapes and sizes. From large homes that are thousands of square feet, to smaller, more economically priced modular homes for a young family. One of the top reasons why people are choosing to purchase modular homes is the price. People can customize their modular homes and still pay less for it than they would if they were going to have it built from scratch on site. The reason this is possible is because modular homes builders purchase their building materials in bulk. When they pay less for bulk purchases of sheet rock, lumber, siding, roofing, carpet, paint and all those other things that go into building a home, the savings trickles down to the consumers.If you are in the market for a new home, you should think about modular homes. After you think about them, go out and tour a few. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at what you will see. Once you have gathered all the information you would like to know about modular homes, compare it to having a home built on site. Run the numbers, time to build and the quality of materials to decide which route you should choose for your new home.