Florida remains one of the top spots for seasonal living amongst retired or semi-retired people. The winters in Florida are warm, community living is friendly, and the landscape is near tropical with palm trees and tropical blooms. If you are considering part time residency in the state of Florida or you are looking to reside full time and want to avoid the expense and uncertainty of the housing market, you might want to consider mobile homes FL style. Purchasing a new mobile home is one option, but make sure you are purchasing from a licensed dealer-broker. New mobile homes come with a manufacturer warranty, but the warranty is voided if you purchase from anyone but a licensed dealer. Mobile homes Florida dealers can sell new and used mobile homes. Used mobile homes can also be purchased from a real estate agent or through the owner. Before you’ve purchased a mobile home, you should make sure you have a place to install it. You have two choices for installing it, or rather parking it for day to day use. You can elect to place it on a lot in any of hundreds of mobile homes Florida parks or communities or you can place it on a lot you own. In the state of Florida, a mobile home is considered a motor vehicle and licensing and fees of motor vehicles applies. However, if you permanently affix your mobile home to a lot you own, it becomes real property and is taxed the same way a site-built home would be.Though living in mobile homes FL style is an enjoyable experience, the weather in Florida has the potential to be hazardous during hurricane season. Be sure that you have had your mobile home properly installed with tie downs and anchors in their proper places and in good working condition. You want to be certain that the installer is licensed by the state of Florida. Also be sure to keep your insurance up to date to avoid coverage loss in the event of the worse. If you are concerned about the weather, check out parks further inland.When investigating mobile homes FL communities and parks, be sure to pay attention to things like cleanliness, occupancy, and rental rates. In each county, the respective health departments are responsible for enforcing health and safety codes including drinking water, sewage, and garbage removal. You can check with local officials to be sure the park or community you are interested in has not been in violation of health codes. In some areas, residency is restricted by age so be sure to check if this important to you.Owning a mobile home for full or part time residency in the state of Florida can be a rewarding experience. Florida tourism, parks and recreation has much to offer its residents. Contact a state licensed dealer or real estate agent for assistance with purchasing, locating a park or community and gathering resources for applicable ownership rights and responsibilities as well as the obligations that apply to park fees and lot rentals.