NoneOver the course of the years, dealers of manufactured modular home designs have gone to great lengths to ensure that their customers understand the differences these homes present when compared to the regular – also known as “stick builtâ€ – homes. As the name implies, these homes are entirely factory manufactured; modular home builders use the inside of hangar like factories to measure, cut, nail, glue, and put together the various aspects of construction that make up such a wonderful home.  This assures that the building process will go forward, even if the weather outside is cold, rainy, snowy, or a combination thereof.  With stick built homes, you will frequently run into severe building delays that leave a site vacant for weeks, sometimes for months on end.  You have probably driven by housing developments where snow was piling up on the rafter, only to later on slowly leak inside the unfinished home, saturating the wood and more often than not damaging the frame work that has already been done to the home.Since the concept of a manufactured modular home thrives on the idea of a controlled building environment, it is not only the time frame that is much less than with stick built construction.  In addition to saving time, you will also be able to save money.  Consider the fact that the manufactured modular home builder knows exactly how much she or he will need for lumber in order to construct your home.  Add to this the knowledge that the lumber will not have to be replaced because it got lost due to theft, or rendered unsuitable due to the influence of the outdoor elements. The result is a cap on the spending that will go into your home’s construction, and therefore a limit of the number of times that the home builder will ask you for funds to complete the building project.