Locating Kansas modular homes should not prove to be difficult with places like the Kansas Manufactured Housing Association providing complete resource guides for everything related to modular homes and that includes financing throughout the State of Kansas. Owning a home and especially Kansas modular homes is the dream of everyone and the decision to purchase is the first and most important step in this direction. The modular home is built to conform to tough standards and creating homes in controlled environments may result in cost savings for the homeowner who purchases his Kansas modular homes from Kansas Manufactured Homes Association. A modular home is one that is certified by its manufacturer as having been constructed in conformity with a nationally recognized building code which includes the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC).Kansas modular homes are available at HomePlaninfo.com which lists all the major house plan brokers as well as reviews each site. There is also an alternative to buying Kansas modular homes and one can custom build one, instead. The Kansas modular homes can be of any size as well as shape and there are many popular designers who are listed at homeplaninfo.com or one can try out Wardcraft Modular Homes or Kansas Quality Custom Homes or Elite Eagle’s Nest Modular Homes and there are also financing options available. Wardcraft Homes is a custom home builder who constructs quality modular homes in Kansas and the Wardcraft modular homes conform to the building codes and will appreciate in value over time and these Kansas modular homes are permanently fastened to a full foundation much like an on-site home. The Kansas modular homes from Wardcraft conform to UBC and IRC codes and there are plenty of options to choose from.