Many builders will say that the most important part of your home is your house frame.  One of the first things to be put together when a home is being built is the house frame.  When you are building a home, make sure you have the proper plans and great materials for your frame and you know your home is off to a great start. A house frame is commonly referred to as the skeleton of a home.  It serves several functions in the building process.  The two most important roles of a house frame is to serve as the load bearing part of the home from the roof to the foundation and is the core of weatherproofing your home.  A frame must be sturdy and well built in order to support and protect your whole home.To start a house frame you need to have the frame outline or pattern and the materials.  A frame outline is a detailed layout of the material placement for the frame.  It should lay out the exact location of the materials including distances between boards and heights of braces.  These plans should be done by someone who is familiar with framing in order to ensure that all the placements are correct.  Plans can be purchased from builders or can be designed to your specifications.  Once you have the design and layout in plan format, you need to collect the materials.  The most common type of material used for framing is wood but concrete and steel are also commonly used.  Other supplies include bracings, nails, and similar tools.  A good house frame design should list all the materials you need.A house frame is an essential part of any home.  Make sure you have a great layout and suitable materials and you will lay a perfect start for your home.NoneNone