Home improvement stores can be a great resource for homeowners, offering a vast array of materials and information to assist with home maintenance and repair, decorating, or remodeling projects. Many offer everything from building materials to custom cabinetry, shingles to gardening supplies, holding nearly everything a homeowner could need for any project indoors or out. A haven for contractors and the accomplished do it yourselfer, many of these establishments also offer courses and information for the beginner, making it easier to learn the ins and outs of home maintenance and repairs.Home improvement stores have become a very popular edition to many neighborhoods in recent years, making it easier for homeowners to take matters into their own hands when minor repairs are required. Many are geared towards accommodating the amateur handy person who is just beginning to learn the basics of caring for their own abode. Knowledgeable sales assistants are scattered throughout many of these stores to offer advice on projects and suggest resources and materials to best suit the task at hand. Decorating experts are often among the staff of home improvement stores to assist in planning and ordering materials for the do-it-yourself interior designer. Custom paint colors and wall paper are available in many, and courses are often offered in design and application techniques for the beginner. For outdoor decoration, landscaping pros are often on hand to offer tips and workshops to the beginner. Remodeling can be made easier with supplies and professional advice offered at many home improvement stores. Many offer help to the homeowner that is designing a custom kitchen or bathroom, making the planning and ordering of materials easier. Workshops are often offered in-store for these popular projects.For the homeowner that needs some professional help for a home project, many home improvement stores offer installation services for the products they sell, keeping a list of qualified contractors on hand to assist customers with any number of projects, from carpet and flooring installation to appliance hookup. Online home improvement stores can be a terrific resource as well, especially for the experienced do it yourself homeowner. Many offer extensive and detailed catalogs that can provide nearly everything offered at the traditional home improvement stores. Often there is a price advantage in using an online store, and your products are shipped right to your door.Nearly everyone, from the expert builder to the novice in home repair, can find the materials and resources needed to complete home projects among the extensive offerings of today’s home improvement stores. These establishments have become an invaluable resource to many, making it easy to create and maintain their ideal home environment.