A home of one’s own is at the center of the American dream. What dream could be better than a home built on one’s own land to one’s own specifications? Although dreaming can be done on one’s own, making those dreams come true takes a team. This is especially true for the dream of a new construction house project. There can be any number of experts helping with this dream, but the core team is pretty standard for all new construction house projects. Your liaison with the building experts is the sales representative. The sale rep is in charge of communications. “In addition to keeping you in the know, the sales representative will convey all of your comments to the builder and the team.â€ This is the person who sells you the plans and the new construction house building package. If you have trouble communicating with this person, change your sales rep. There is a lot of communicating needed to make your dream come true.  Also on the team is its head, the site supervisor who oversees all aspects of the new construction house project including managing personnel, scheduling, and meeting standards. The design consultant guides decisions concerning style customization. Subcontractors are the specialists who oversee segments of construction like the electricians, plumbers, landscapers, painters and all of the others. After the closing, you will need the services of the warranty representative to make your new construction house dream come true. In addition to this basic core of dream weavers, you may have contact with some combination of land planners, engineers, purchasing agents, building inspectors and closing agents. If you have the need to hire a contractor or subcontractor on your own, remember to check the license and insurance. Educate yourself on your state’s licensing requirements and make sure your contractor meets them. Either you or the contractor must have liability insurance in case of accidents. The contractor is responsible for his employee’s worker’s compensation. Before signing the contract, check with the Better Business Bureau for the contractor’s record. Technology has replaced the Fairy Godmother with a whole team of magic helpers to make your new construction house dream come true. NoneNone