Throughout the span of time, there has always been a need for construction and building workers.  While in the beginning there were people that were exploited and used as slaves in order to make productions and creations in the realm of building things, this was eventually done away with for the most part.  However, the reason that this was done was because there was a great need to expand and build.  As more and more people populate the earth, there is an ever increasing need to have more companies that focus on construction builder ideas and functions.  The premise and the structure surrounding the construction builder have changed a great deal over time, but their importance and value has only increased over this same time.One of the earliest construction examples that is still standing today are examples of the pyramids.  More modern construction work is done with computer aid design software, affectionately referred to as CAD.  There are different CAD programs which are capable of aiding in specific fields when it comes to construction and building designs.  This helps make the construction and design process go much quicker.  Some of these fields include architecture as well as interior designs for a room.Whether people need homes built, or offices, or giant skyscrapers, the need will always be there for the construction builder.  Advancements are always being made, and this makes the construction process easier in a lot of respects, but also may put a strain on the human involvement in the process of construction.  Robots and technologies are coming further along in evolutionary terms as more is learned and implemented into them.  Perhaps within the next span of construction progress humans will be more widely replaced with technological counterparts to help keep up with the demand that comes for construction and building items and productions. NoneNone