When looking for a new home in New England some of the best choices and varieties of homes can be found through Chelsea Modular Homes. From saltbox houses to executive style two and three story structures, can all be found manufactured by Chelsea Modular Homes.From one of their stock home plans you can customize them to meet your familial needs as your family grows, or if you already live in a larger home, you can downsize to one that is more to your liking. With the many choices offered by Chelsea modular homes, there will be size and style, with or without customization, you will find easy to find livable.Unlike site built homes, Chelsea modular homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment with every cut made on precision saws to insure a near-perfect fit at every joint. All the wood used in the construction is stored inside, out of harms way of the elements, which in New England can sometimes be a little rough.Unlike site built homes, Chelsea modular homes can be completed in the factory in any weather and most homes can be ready for shipping in five to eight weeks, depending on the style and size of the home, as well as modifications requested. Typically, a site built home of the similar size would take about twice as long as the modular home.When a modular home leaves the factory, heading for your home site, it is usually about 80 percent complete. The remaining portions will be done once it is off-loaded from the truck. Final hook-ups for utilities as well as finished trim work at the points where the sections join and other site work can take as long as four to six weeks, allowing your home to be in move-in condition in about eight to 12 weeks.You will have strength in a Chelsea Modular home because the home has to be made stronger to survive the trip from the factory to the home site, which includes being hoisted by a crane two or three times and the usually rough ride on the truck. Floor joists are typically two inch by ten inch and outside wall studs are two inches by six inches, spaced on 16-inch centers. This not adds to the strength of the home, but gives as extra two-inch depth to the exterior wall, over the usually two by four inch studs used, in which to add more R-19 batted insulation.Homes built outside usually have the framing lumber unceremoniously dropped into the yard, where they sit exposed to the elements waiting for their day to become part of the new house. There is a tendency of wood left outside to warp and makes it difficult to cut straight with a hand-held power saw.Although, the biggest advantage to owning a Chelsea Modular Home remains their commitment to quality and customer. However, being able to enjoy the benefits of owning a quality-built custom home for less money is still a good reward.