With over 42 years in the manufactured and modular homes business, Champion Modular Homes bring a wealth of experience to the factory-built housing industry. With its beginnings in the mobile home, or trailer era, Champion has defined and refined quality in modular home building.More designs and more options have helped the company continue to grow with the industry. Located in south central Pennsylvania they have been serving the northeast part of the United States and understand the need for quality, weather resistance housing. They have been able to “build their quality from the inside outâ€ and have a firm belief that is what keeps their business growing.Starting with quality materials, maintained inside their factory controlled environment and quality inspections throughout every step of the building process can ensure the home is built to the customers’ expectations. They earned their reputation during their time as a manufactured home builder and when they transitioned to modular homes they actually improved on several processes. Insulating technology has improved over the years and it has been adopted in the modular building process as well as in the manufactured housing division.Many Champion Modular Homes are available with several appliance options that can make your home seem like the luxury home you want it to be. With raised ceilings and open floor plans, it is as hard to determine it is a modular home from the inside as it is from the outside. With possible countertop options such as granite and stone, along with floor options, Champion can help you design the home of your dreams.Beginning with basic floor plans available, over 30 in their modular homes line, and having room for customizing in certain areas, Champion can help you with the perfect design and optional features. From smaller one bedroom Cape Cod style houses to three and four bedroom two story houses, they can be loaded with options, often at a price lower than a site-built house with lesser valued options.Since the home is built indoors, and inspected every step of the way by inspectors representing the state in which the home will be located, customers can be assured that it will meet every local and state code when it arrives at your home site. Like all other modular home builder, Champion modular homes does not perform any site work. Your retailer can help you line up a contractor for putting the home together or you can contract with someone of your own choosing, although Champion does recommend someone with experience in building modular homes since there are some difference involved from building conventional homes.Final utility connections, such as water, sewer, gas and electric will have to be done by a qualified professional and inspected by your local inspector during and after the final construction stage. By meeting with the contractor ahead of time, it is possible a majority of the site work, such as footer and foundation along with a basement, if applicable, can be completed when the house arrived by truck, so assembly can begin immediately.