Many people are looking at Champion manufactured homes, especially as starter homes. If you are in the market for a manufactured home, you should familiarize yourself with the process of purchasing a manufactured home. If you plan on looking at Champion manufactured homes you should know that most homes are sold individually. They do not come with land.When you are pricing how much you can afford when you are shopping for Champion manufactured homes, you must calculate the land costs. Many people jump into purchasing a home that they can afford, until they factor in the costs of their land. It is wise to plan out a budget prior to purchasing a home. Factor in all those things that will go into helping you decide what price of home you can truly afford to purchase.People who do factor in the cost of land, sometimes forget to factor in the cost of preparing the land for their Champion manufactured homes. You must factor in all costs when planning a budget. Don’t forget things such as well digging, septic system, electrical and water connections, side walks, grade work, driveway and more. Many people decide to rent land for their Champion manufactured homes. If you are looking around for a community for your new home, look for one which comes with extras. Some communities include the cost of water with the lot. Others may have carports, garbage service and more. On a side note, search for a manufactured home community that works for your family. You wouldn’t want to move your young family into a neighborhood that is primarily made up of retirees. On the other hand, if you are a retiree who is looking for some peace and quiet, a neighborhood full of playing children may not be your cup of comfort.Other costs that you should keep in mind when it comes time purchase a manufactured home is the cost of delivery and setup. Don’t forget to put taxes, maintenance, utilities and insurance into your budget, either.  The prices of Champion manufactured homes differ. What you will spend will be incumbent upon what type of home you are buying. Purchasing a single wide manufactured home will run you thousands of dollars less than purchasing a large modular home. Talk with your family. Find out what essentials you must have and what isn’t really necessary. Maybe your family feels that it is important to have a separate family room with a bathroom? Perhaps you can do away with that extra closet in the master bedroom? Knowing what the must haves are is key to being happy with your home. It can really keep you from purchasing a home on impulse. When you go into the shopping portion of your home buying process with a list in hand you will be surprised at how quickly you can narrow down your options.